My story starts with a simple dream. A dream to live by the most beautiful beaches, raise our kids by the ocean, and to find a career working with animals. We thought...”Somehow..Someway.. we can make this work!” Taking a chance, we packed up our family (husband Mark, daughter Trinity, son Luke, and our two dogs Oreo and Roxy) a little over a year ago and moved from Oklahoma to Florida to pursue our dreams. A couple of months after getting here, we tragically lost our beloved Pom Pom Roxy. I was emotionally devastated. To fill the void, I started pet sitting for friends and neighbors... There is just something about working with animals that makes life just “better”...Then I met Dayal, the owner of South Tampa Dog Walking and Pet Sitting. She shares the same love and passion for animals that I do! I just love working for her and taking care of all our special, precious, adorable, and wonderful furry little friends.
Eventually (as you can see in my picture above) we got a new pug puppy named Bruiser. He is very goofy and always in trouble but we love him dearly of course. 

I have loved all animals but especially dogs since I was a little girl.  I always dreamed of working with animals in some way. I worked as a vet technician for about 5 years but there were some aspects of the job that were too hard on my heart. I love getting to meet, walk, and play with everyone’s dogs through dog walking. I enjoy learning all of their different personalities and needs. Any day getting to be outside and hanging out with dogs is a great day to me.

My love for animals began when I was a young girl. I grew up with many pets, dogs, bunnies, hamsters, gerbils and fish. In my eyes, a home is not complete without some sort of companion. There’s nothing like coming home to the loyal, unconditional love that they give. I love that they don’t judge you, betray you, fight you and they act like you are the greatest person in the world! They rely on you, depend on you and they trust you! 
My husband & I moved from St. Louis 10 years ago and we have fallen in love with Florida living. We own a business in Tampa & St Petersburg where I do administrative work.We love our South Tampa neighborhood & became empty nesters in 2016. At that time I definitely felt a void in my life & needed something else to do. My husband suggested that I do something with animals because he knows how much I love them! I decided to reach out to Dayal who has been watching our 2 dogs Karli and Jovi for the past few years. Fortunately, she has given me the opportunity to love and care for your beloved pets. I love what I do and I’m so thankful for it! There’s no greater feeling than opening a door to a happy, tail-wagging, sometimes talking to you, furry friend! Every dog that I meet has a unique personality and their own signature style! I feel so satisfied and happy every single time I come home from my visits! I love that your pets are my friends! I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity! 


~President/Founder ~

In late 2009 I took a leap of faith to join my love & passion for dogs by launching South Tampa Dog Walking & Pet Sitting. I have always found a sense of calmness & peace just being around animals.  Any animal that crossed my path fascinated me in some way.  Many of my summers' were spent volunteering at camp where a great deal of my day was spent taking care of the animals that lived on the grounds.  I look back at it & consider it a blessing that I was touched by their presence & followed my heart to be with them on a daily basis.
In 2003 I adopted a beautiful female Golden Retriever named Giva.  Becoming a dog lover was easy once Giva was by my side. There is nothing that compares to the unconditional love we receive from our pets. Soon after experiencing the love and affection that pets selflessly provided, I found myself always offering to take care of friends', family members' and neighbors' pets. Because of these experiences my love for animals blossomed to the point where I knew I needed to pursue this passion further.

I'm so proud to now have a fabulous team by my side that loves animals just as much as I do!



My life has always been filled with dogs, from a young child until now. My husband and I recently moved back to the Tampa area and are happy to be back cheering on our Bucs & Bolts!  We currently have 3 rescue dogs Shepherd Mix – Bloke, Border Collie Mix – Phoebe and Rat Terrier – Riley and they are always excited to go on their morning walks. They have been with us for 14 years and have moved along with us all over the place. I think they prefer Florida weather over Chicago winters!  

I have cared for animals of all shapes, sizes, and always as if they were my own for the last 11 years. Working with a pet sitting company has been the best job I have ever had, getting outdoors, exerting some energy with animals is definitely a fun time.


Since I can remember, dogs have been a part of my family. All of the dogs that we have adopted have come from the pound; but no matter the breed, no matter how they join your family,  dogs quickly form a bond forged by unabashed joy and unconditional love. Being greeted at the door by a cold nose and a wagging tail is both given freely, and priceless.
Opening the door to walk a dog gives me this feeling every time. Dogs are the best companions people have, and as much as we need them, they need us. From owning dogs, to years working at the Florida Aquarium, I've learned that exercise and play are essential to the health and well being of an animal. Dog walking isn't just physical exercise, it's an opportunity to explore the world, to interact with their environment, and to be a part of a pack. Intelligent creatures need to be mentally exercised as much as physically.
Dogs have character. Walking and playing lets them express it; and when they share that with me, I like to share that with you. A photo, a text message, a short anecdote can help keep you connected to your dog when you can't be there yourself. It's the least I can do for you and your pet, because when a dog shows you love, you can't help but love them back. 


I've always been a dog lover and am the proud owner of two amazing boxers. A Tampa native, I love my city and neighbors and look for opportunities to help everyone in any way I can. Since walking my dogs was one of the highlights of our day- getting fresh air, exercise, visiting neighbors- I thought I'd share the love and care for other nearby furry friends. As an exercise enthusiast, I love helping dogs get the exercise and activity they need to thrive. 




I have spent my entire life living with and around animals. Growing up with my family dogs, I always saw them as an integral part of my home so I continued the traditions of my childhood and have always had a dog (or dogs) by my side. Over the last 20 years I have had the good fortune of having three very special dogs of my own, including my current pup, Willow (as seen in my pic). These dogs have been my family and I consider all of the dogs that I am lucky enough to walk with South Tampa Dog Walking to be extensions of that family. As a recent graduate from The University of South Florida and a current graduate student there, I feel that I have found the perfect way to spend my afternoons between classes. Every walk is a new adventure for both the walker and the dog and I love sharing those adventures with all of the dogs in my care. 

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