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"When we adopted our puppies, Coco and Sophie, there was no hesitation that they would stay with “Aunt Dayal” when we needed to leave for a weekend.  It is comforting to know that should we ever need to leave our girls behind for any reason that they are being left in loving caring hands with Aunt Dayal." 

 ~Victor, Tampa​​




  Sophie & Coco

"Dayal has been our dog sitter on multiple  occasions.  She has taken Ozzie into her home and given him the constant love and attention that he requires.  Ozzie plays with Giva and Blaze, Dayal's other two dogs and has always been treated as part of the family.  Dayal always provides us with a letter upon our return home updating us on Ozzie's mischief and activities during his stay.  I know he loves being at her house as he always tries to pull me up to her front porch during our daily walks!  He is definitely loved and spoiled while he is there and I would highly recommend Dayal to anyone who needs dog sitting or dog walking services. 

~Kelly, Tampa


“When me fiancé & I got Sophie I was very over-protective of her. We have very demanding work schedules and I couldn't stand the though of little Sophie locked up in her crate all day.  I interviewed several dog walkers and even took recommendations from friends, but when I met Dayal & South Tampa Dog Walkers, I knew from the moment they walked in my door for their interview that they loved Sophie.  I just love how they text message me after they walk her.  Its the most wonderful surprise in the middle of the day to get a little snap shot of our little girl on her warms my heart and makes the day go by so much faster.  I don't know what I would do without the girls over at South Tampa Dog Walkers.  Thank you so much for all that you do!" 


My name is Zora, also referred to as Queen Zora and sometimes ZoraBora.  I have been asked to share my thoughts about Dayal, my furless friend and a cat sitter for Queen Cats. She takes time to shower me with love, praise and massage, all requirements of a true Queen Cat sitter. My normal servants, KC and Buddy, are always quite pleased when they return from trips.  I am often so well-taken care of that I hardly notice they are gone, something I would not share with them.  I heartedly endorse Dayal's work. She also works with my brother Boo, a Bernese Mountain Dog, who also highly endorses Dayal to other dogs and cats." 

~Zora Harrison, Tampa


"I am happy to have found Dayal and South Tampa Dog Walking.  I have such a hectic work schedule and Dayal provides great, professional service.  I know Zoey is in good hands when I can't be home for her." 

~Kelly, Tampa

"We first found out about Dayal from a random Google search we did when we realized that due to a health issue, our dog Bandit would not be able to stay in a kennel over the holidays.  What started out as a stressful, last minute plan turned out to be a blessing in disguise!  From the moment Banjo met Dayal he loved her.  The first time Dayal took care of Banjo he was sick and it was very comforting to know that while we were miles away, our litte furry baby was being well cared for.  Now that we have Dayal, Banjo will never stay in a kennel again! " 

~ Janna, Rory & Banjo, Tampa

 South Tampa

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